Welcome to your place for information and setup for BOTH your BarberTime Media Network website and in-store touchscreen platforms. Take a few minutes to know your equipment and how to populate your own style, your hustle and your community’s information.

With a BarberTime Media Network Membership you can increase your shops PROMOTIONAL VALUE by selling ad space that is displayed in your shop and shared throughout your social platforms.



Your Website:
tlc3Your BarberTime Media Network Website is your control portal to BOTH your online presence and your in-shop touchscreen monitor. You can post and share your best hair styles, your products and services as well as the resources of your community.




Your in-shop touchscreen monitor:
TLCThe hairstyles and solicitations you post to your BarberTime Media Network Website will automatically propagate your in-shop touchscreen monitor.

By selecting categories for your posts you can assure your presence be seen online and in our shop.

With the use of touch enabled sliders you can put your portfolio at the fingertips of your clients and consumers looking for what you create.




Your Bluetooth Beacons and QR Codes:

TLC shop specialsBarberTime equips our members with the best technology and marketing mediums to ensure you get noticed.

Your Bluetooth Beacon emits a bluetooth signal to send a push notification via Google Chrome to those that enter you shop. The notification is your BarberTime Media Network Website. This will allow your patrons to view you hairstyles and solicitations on their mobile devices and even make purchases.

BarberTime also creates a QR code you can place around the shop or place on marketing materials that will also send people straight to your BarberTime Media Network Website.


Creating Posts:

Signing into your account and creating content for your website and in-store touchscreen platform is easy and waiting for you to do your thing.

Whether you want to upload a hairstyle or a public solicitation, creating one post, with CORRECT category will allow you to look good online, on your phone or in your shop!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to UPGRADING your industry!


More details:

Your system includes:

1, (19) inch touch screen kiosk and cord

1 central computer and cord

1 Bluetooth Beacon

1 usb cable

1 hdmi cable

1 keyboard with mouse

Setting up:

  1. Connect touch screen kiosk to central computer with the USB & HDMI cords.
  2. Insert your keyboard & mouse usb dongle.
  3. Plug the monitor in first, followed by the central computer.
  4. The system will boot up to your desktop (Only on non-automatic start up consoles). Ignore or cancel any warning/notices if one appears during this process.
  5. Ensure your volume is all the way up for best listening experience.
  6. Then double click on the ICEWEASLE desktop thumbnail to launch the BarberTime Platform.
  7. Begin your road to being a media Mogul!

What is the Mogul Monitor?

  • Replaces the pin cushion billboard, flyer mess and poster solicitations while offering advertising space that barbers/beauticians can sell at their desired rate!
  • Our system also offers top industry informational and entertaining media content at the touch of a finger.
  • Offer specialized deals to your consumers that only the BarberTime system can supply.

How do you make money?

Any good barber/beautician has a diverse client base and relationships with neighboring businesses. BarberTime will allow you to turn your resourcefulness into residual income.

  • Offer monthly ad space on your two designated upload areas.
  • Suggested rates: $25 for (1) ad per month or $20 per ad for (3) ads per month
  • Refer a business to us that want to run their ad on all shop locations and earn 10% of their ad sales monthly.
  • Increase your product and service sales by placing your own ads throughout you designated areas.

What is BarberTime Media?

Our media is a collection of the industry’s best tutorials, competitions, reality programs and other related content including KIDS shows and music videos.

Pick a channel, scroll through the list or just press play and enjoy!


If the screen stays dark at start up:

  • Make sure all wires, especially HDMI and USB, are correctly inserted.
  • Make sure the SD memory card is pushed all the way in.
  • If needed restart the central computer only
  • If trouble persists call 877-427-1177

If someone surfs off your site and can’t get back:

  • Press ALT & F4 or CLT & F4 to close down the browser completely.
  • If that does not work power down the computer then turn on in 2 minutes.
  • Double click ICEWEASLE to restart the system

Make sure to place monitor in area consumers can see it and operate it without obstruction.